DIY: Throw Pillows

I’ve been making pillows since I was about ten years old. My neighbor got a sewing machine for Christmas one year and next thing you know I had one too and was selling pillows to campers and counselors at my summer camp. Hence it never really surprised me that my top choice school was also the number 1 school for entrepreneurship. Thanks Babson for supporting my entrepreneurial spirit (and liking my essay about Fluff ‘n Stuff enough to let me in)

I’ve since stopped selling but i’ve never stopped making my own pillows. It’s such an inexpensive way to change up a room. I was going for a grey and white theme in my new room in my apartment, only because our landlord (sadly) doesn’t let us paint.


I found these on Esty, $40 for two pillow covers

My Version:

Materials Needed:

  • 1/2 yard of patterned fabric and 1/2 yard of plain fabric
  • Pillow form or pillow stuffing
  • Sewing machine/Thread

Step 1: Cut  squares about an inch bigger on each side than you want the pillow to be

Step 2: Flip fabric so the sides that will eventually be on the outside are facing in

Step 3: Sew 3.5 sides, leaving half a side open. Flip the case right side out, and stuff with pillow stuffing or a pillow form.

Step 4: Roll open edges inward, and sew shut close to the edge

If you know how to operate a sewing machine, a pillow is definitely of the easiest things to make! Now presenting the finished product of both my DIY headboard and pillows:



This weekend was another get away from the city. Nothing like a few days in Maine to make you forget the stress and grime of Allston.

I was only there Friday night – Sunday morning but definitely got to do all my favorite Maine activities including movie night by the fire, lazy breakfast at the best bagel place, a little sight seeing (this time in Kennebunkport), and obviously shopping in Freeport. Highlights were for sure the amazing views from Ocean Ave in Kennebunkport and cooking a big dinner Saturday night 🙂

 Maine Coast

homemade croutons!


Back to Boston.

Sundays at my parents’ house are quickly becoming a tradition! love walking the puppy and watching Revenge as a family.


Field Trip


I’m starting to love getting away from the city on the weekends. Its fun to live there and be close to all the activity, but taking a break from the chaos is always nice.

A few weekends ago we decided to take a day trip down to Newport, RI to take tours of the (in)famous Newport Mansions and check out the scenic town. It was really the first time I have actually decided to visit something historical by my own choice and I have to say it was a lot of fun!

The mansions are a little piece of history. They are a jumble of architectural and design inspirations but showcase the insane extravagance of the wealthy in the early twentieth century.

We started off our day at the mansions. We toured two but the Breakers (below) was by far our favorite.

We took a self guided audio tour and spent the afternoon admiring the overly ornate decor, crazy architecture, and beautiful views of the ocean.



After our tours we headed into the town for a late lunch and great beer that I wish I could remember the name of.


and  finished up the day with a late afternoon coffee overlooking the harbor 🙂



This little field trip was definitely worth the drive. Even getting away for the day made the weekend seem that much longer and my cube Monday morning a little less depressing!


Fall Activities

This two day weekend thing is killing me. After four perfect years of no Friday classes, and senior year Wednesdays that felt like (thirsty) Thursdays, the two day weekends are just not gonna cut it. I’ve started to try and utilize my weekends to their fullest capacity. Below are some of my favorite fall activities that i’ve made sure to squeeze in.

1. Apple Picking

There were a few weeks in early October where everyone and their mom had a status on Facebook about apple picking. To be honest, I haven’t gone since I was five but it sounded like a fun way to get outside and do something new. The 75 degree weather we had that weekend ruined my plan to wear the perfect fall outfit, but it some how still seriously put me in the mood to eat a cider donut (or 5) and bake a pie.

2. Baking

I’ve really never been an avid baker. Or cook. Or really anything to do with a kitchen. But we have this big beautiful kitchen in our apartment, and with no more homework to finish up on Sunday nights, I’ve become slightly obsessed with …and pretty good at if i do say so myself 😉 … baking.  I’ve mastered apple pies, chocolate chip cookies, and toffee bark. Doesn’t sound too impressive but hey at least they didn’t come out of a box!

The recipe came out of my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook and was surprisingly easy! Granted I used store bought crust but it still tasted pretty good.
This was my first attempt. It doesn’t look so hot here but I promise it tasted good. It was much more successful the second time around. If you’ve never had bark (you’re missing out), its essentially a toffee and chocolate covered cracker. Easy recipe was found here.

3. Leaf Peeping

Huge joke. I actually hate leaf peeping, probably due to all the hours I spent in the backseat as a kid with my parents driving through New Hampshire, literally to look at leaves. But now that I am a little older I am starting to love the beauty of the fall and appreciate how nice it is to spend time outside. The perfect temperatures and changing leaves make fall my favorite season to be outside. I love getting a break from the city and coming home for the weekend.
A perfect Sunday evening walk. Newfound appreciation for the street I grew up on.
View from my window at my parents’ house.
Till next time,

Round Two

Let’s try this again…

Okay, my bad. I started this blog, got all excited and wrote two entries, and haven’t touched it since July. Literally I didn’t even know how to log in and had to reset my password to write this post.

I bought a Mac Book Air a few months ago and my friend affectionately calls it my “$1200 Facebook Machine”. He is actually right. So I decided to give this blog another whirl and put this computer to good use. Originally I was going to challenge myself to keep this blog organized, write about certain topics, have a reoccurring theme. I think that instead I will just figure it out as I go. So, here goes nothing!

DIY: Headboard

I’ve had a full size bed since I first moved into a single room, my sophomore year of college. Given the limited capacity of a dorm room, I’ve made due with just a metal frame, a box spring, and a mattress. Now that I finally have the space to do so, I really wanted a headboard for my bed. I’ve always liked upholstered headboards and found a really great tutorial on Pinterest of how to create one (instructions found here).


My Version:

The materials needed for this project were:

  •  A willing assistant (thanks dad)
  •  3/4 inch Plywood – the tutorial suggested MDF but plywood is much easier to work with and lightweight
  •  about 2.5 yards of fabric – I chose a neutral colored micro-suede from the upholstery section of Jo-Ann’s Fabric
  •  2 full or queen size egg-shell mattress pads (cheaper than buying upholstery foam)
  •  paper large enough to draw your stencil on
  •  a powerful staple gun
  •  a jigsaw

Step 1: Sketch out the shape I wanted on parchment paper, cut it out, and trace it onto the plywood. The trick is to draw and cut out half the shape, and then flip the stencil to make sure the other side is perfectly symmetrical

Step 2: Cut the plywood along the traced line using the jigsaw. This was where my dad came in, I don’t do heavy machinery

Step 3: Put both mattress pads (textured sides facing in) under the plywood, and stapled each layer individually to the plywood, making sure to pull the foam tight around the headboard.

Step 4: Put the fabric underneath the newly padded headboard, and tightly stapled the fabric around the headboard.

At last, my homemade headboard was complete! For several thousand dollars less, I’d say this looks pretty close to its inspiration. My dad was able to attach it to my existing metal bed frame, so it is now securely positioned in my new room. Pictures of my finished room are soon to follow!


DIY: Photo Wall

DIY – Project number 1

A recent project of mine was to create an antique, collective photo wall. I’ve collected tons of picture frames over the years and decided to give them a fresh coat of paint to give the collection an eclectic – without – being – overstated feel. Check it out !


My version: 

Step 1: Gather up all my frames from my dorm, my parents’ house, and even a few discarded by friends. The more the merrier! Then I took out all of the glass, matting, and backing to prep for the paint job.

Step 2: Build a lay out. Luckily some of my frames were equal in size, so my display will be relatively symmetrical.

Step 3: Start spray painting! The directions say to hold the can about 10 -15 inches away from the surface. I decided to vary the distance to get a slightly uneven, textured finish.

Step 4: Let dry! these frame are still out in the driveway as we speak.  I can’t wait until they are all done and mounted on the wall in my new room!