fall fest

Hello blog, long time no see.

 I haven’t been keeping up with this (no surprise there) but there are lots of things I have been mentally listing to write about. Today was particularly blog-worthy so now I’m feeling inspired.

 Filling the hours that used to be spent recovering from hangovers, writing papers in the library, attending dance practice and sorority activities in my college days has been kind of weird. It’s taken some practice over the past year and a half but I feel like we’re finally getting the hang of this young adult thing.

 Since the Patriots didn’t play today, apparently this a “bye week” (I’ve decided to finally learn football this year, did that sound legit?) I had the bfs undivided attention for the entire day. I spent most of Saturday catching up on errands and shopping (Ann Taylor 60% off sale anyone?) so today we wanted to do some kind of activity. Despite the holiday cheer that has already started spreading, we (I) were determined to squeeze out one more ‘fall’ themed weekend.

 I literally googled “Massachusetts events”, and found the Apple and Wine Festival at an orchard on the North Shore. To my surprise Curtis was very enthusiastic about this so we made the trek, bought our tickets, and got to taste 24 different fruit wines and ciders, paired with sweet snacks. AKA best day ever.


After our tour we continued our little adventure and walked around Main Street in Gloucester. It was pretty quiet and most shops were closed, but we somehow stumbled upon a grand opening of a little shop and took advantage of additional free snacks. We continued our self-guided snack tour of the North Shore, and finished up in a specialty olive oil store and sampled a bunch of flavors on some fancy bread.


Now we’re back at the (okay its his but i pretend) apartment and I’m attempting to make beef stew, seemed appropriate on a chilly fall night. If it turns out well I’ll blog the recipe, but if it sucks just forget you read this.