Okay having two posts two days in a row was obviously a fluke. I THINK about blogging every day, but have yet to figure out how to actually make that a reality. Moving on…lets talk about my progress on my Summer To Do List. Considering summer is almost over [what? Its August?] lets hope I’ve made some moves.

  1. Boating – Check! Sadly we’ve only made to Maine for one weekend this summer, and that was for 4th of July. It was potentially the best weather in the history of 4th of Julys and was a perfect weekend. See below:Picture1

2.  Eat seafood – Check minus? Really only accomplished this once over 4th of July weekend. And when the restaurant told me they were out of steamers I basically broke down in tears and tried to leave. I settled for mussels which were good but did not feel as New Englandy as I was going for. Better luck next time.


3. Hiking – Nope. Not yet. But I do feel like I’ve been walking around a lot. Mostly in 90 degree weather. In the heart of the city, aka not that pleasant nature experience I was going for.

4. Concert – Check! I bought spontaneous tickets to see my best friend Taylor Swift at Gillette last week. I might have been in the literal last row of the stadium and holding on to my seat for dear life, but I went! We were approximately 17 years older than the rest of the audience and they definitely judged me.

Picture25. Working out – Check minus. I did try a Sunday morning yoga class, but was super bored. There is only so much ‘focusing on my intention’ that I can do when there are so many more fun things to do. Like brunch or watch Netflix. I have been making an effort to vary my work out routine a little more though. I even went to a Barre class last night for the first time in awhile [ow]. Still working on finding a way to make working out more enjoyable vs. just a necessity.

6. Take advantage of living in Boston – Check! I feel like I have made a significant effort to be in the city whenever I don’t have commitments elsewhere. The other night we made the trek over to the seaport for drinks and appetizers. I had never been there at night and was surprised at the night life over there. CRAZY lines to get into places, I would not go back unless it was someone’s real(or pretend) birthday and we were on the list.

Next adventure on my list? Moving home! Kind of weird I guess to move back to my parent’s house after being away for 5 years, but I decided to be a responsible human and start trying to save money. Its also been a challenge this year to balance my time between my place, Curtis’ place, and my parents’ house. I plan to stay for a few months and use the time to get rid of all my old junk and clothing that I never use or wear,  save money, and focus on getting my life in order instead of living in three places and carrying everything i own around in an overflowing gym bag.

Stay tuned!



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