a few favorites

If there is one thing i indulge in it is manicures. i am physically incapable of doing my own nails for some reason, and if my nails are not done or chipped i will be visibly upset about it. in my opinion, your hands are the only part of yourself that you really see all the time, so they might as well look good.

there’s nothing worse (okay there are a lot of things worse but just go with it) then when you pay for a manicure and HATE the color. its taken me a lot of trial and error to find a few colors that i know work every time. here are a few of my favorites for all those go to colors.


1. OPI Big Apple Red – the not too pink, not too dark, not too sparkly red

2. Essie Camera – the perfect coral/orange/red.

3. OPI Sweetheart – a light ‘natural’ look that is just opaque enough but doesn’t look chalky

4. Essie Turquoise and Caicos – a great mint green/teal thats not too bright or harsh

5. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark – an oldie but a goodie, the perfect go-to darkest shade before black

6. Essie Bobbing For Baubles – a deep grayish blue, perfect when you’ve had enough of Lincoln Park but still want to go dark

7. OPI You Don’t Know Jaques – the ideal taupe/brown neutral

8. Essie Chinchilly – a medium shade of gray thats purple enough to still be pretty

While these are my go to for polish, i’m still working on my gel manicure selections. Today i went with Cajun Shrimp, red enough for the 4th but coral enough to feel summery



p.s. – two posts two days in a row?! i am improving my blog skills.



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