To Do

life lately has been full of a little stress and a lot of sadness. Sometimes you have to refocus and remember there are so many good things to look forward to. I’m a dedicated ‘to do’ list maker and a planner to a fault, so I decided planning out the rest of my summer would help me look at the bright side over the next few days.

Things I can’t wait for this summer:

1. Boating – If i could give one piece of advice about relationships, i’d say date someone with a boat. Just kidding…kind of. But some of my favorite summer memories over the past three years have been spent on a boat in Casco Bay. So excited to get back out on the water!


Summer 2011

2. Eat so much seafood. I guess i’m just a true New Englander, but there is nothing better than seafood like… by the pound on a deck. The end.


Summer 2012

3. Go on a hike! I’m not super outdoorsy and usually hate anything that involves walking but for Curtis’ sake I need to find some more nature activities to appreciate. I googled ‘maine hiking’ and they look like they are having fun?



4. Go to a big summer concert. I love tailgating. There is something about being in a parking lot near your car that makes drinking and overeating snacks so much more fun. I bought Zac Brown Band tickets for my parents’ birthdays (they are back to back) and even though it’s in August I’m already counting the days.


5. Workout more. I say this all the time but seriously. The amount of times I go to the gym does not have a very positive correlation with the amount of money I spend for my membership. My gym has so many great classes and I think its time I take advantage of that and change up my gym routine. A little Saturday morning yoga sounds like it might be good for the soul right?

what Google tells me Yoga will look like

6. Take advantage of living in Boston. I’ve been here for a year and very rarely do I actually spend my free time here. Now that the sun came out and Curtis moved even further into the city, I can’t wait to walk around and spend time in places in Boston that aren’t my cube. Kayaking on the Charles (yes that dirty water) is at the top of my list.


Alright, off to get a running start with this list! A walk down the esplanade and then a late night movie at the theater on the Common is in my immediate future.



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