Fall Activities

This two day weekend thing is killing me. After four perfect years of no Friday classes, and senior year Wednesdays that felt like (thirsty) Thursdays, the two day weekends are just not gonna cut it. I’ve started to try and utilize my weekends to their fullest capacity. Below are some of my favorite fall activities that i’ve made sure to squeeze in.

1. Apple Picking

There were a few weeks in early October where everyone and their mom had a status on Facebook about apple picking. To be honest, I haven’t gone since I was five but it sounded like a fun way to get outside and do something new. The 75 degree weather we had that weekend ruined my plan to wear the perfect fall outfit, but it some how still seriously put me in the mood to eat a cider donut (or 5) and bake a pie.

2. Baking

I’ve really never been an avid baker. Or cook. Or really anything to do with a kitchen. But we have this big beautiful kitchen in our apartment, and with no more homework to finish up on Sunday nights, I’ve become slightly obsessed with …and pretty good at if i do say so myself 😉 … baking.  I’ve mastered apple pies, chocolate chip cookies, and toffee bark. Doesn’t sound too impressive but hey at least they didn’t come out of a box!

The recipe came out of my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook and was surprisingly easy! Granted I used store bought crust but it still tasted pretty good.
This was my first attempt. It doesn’t look so hot here but I promise it tasted good. It was much more successful the second time around. If you’ve never had bark (you’re missing out), its essentially a toffee and chocolate covered cracker. Easy recipe was found here.

3. Leaf Peeping

Huge joke. I actually hate leaf peeping, probably due to all the hours I spent in the backseat as a kid with my parents driving through New Hampshire, literally to look at leaves. But now that I am a little older I am starting to love the beauty of the fall and appreciate how nice it is to spend time outside. The perfect temperatures and changing leaves make fall my favorite season to be outside. I love getting a break from the city and coming home for the weekend.
A perfect Sunday evening walk. Newfound appreciation for the street I grew up on.
View from my window at my parents’ house.
Till next time,

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