DIY: Headboard

I’ve had a full size bed since I first moved into a single room, my sophomore year of college. Given the limited capacity of a dorm room, I’ve made due with just a metal frame, a box spring, and a mattress. Now that I finally have the space to do so, I really wanted a headboard for my bed. I’ve always liked upholstered headboards and found a really great tutorial on Pinterest of how to create one (instructions found here).


My Version:

The materials needed for this project were:

  •  A willing assistant (thanks dad)
  •  3/4 inch Plywood – the tutorial suggested MDF but plywood is much easier to work with and lightweight
  •  about 2.5 yards of fabric – I chose a neutral colored micro-suede from the upholstery section of Jo-Ann’s Fabric
  •  2 full or queen size egg-shell mattress pads (cheaper than buying upholstery foam)
  •  paper large enough to draw your stencil on
  •  a powerful staple gun
  •  a jigsaw

Step 1: Sketch out the shape I wanted on parchment paper, cut it out, and trace it onto the plywood. The trick is to draw and cut out half the shape, and then flip the stencil to make sure the other side is perfectly symmetrical

Step 2: Cut the plywood along the traced line using the jigsaw. This was where my dad came in, I don’t do heavy machinery

Step 3: Put both mattress pads (textured sides facing in) under the plywood, and stapled each layer individually to the plywood, making sure to pull the foam tight around the headboard.

Step 4: Put the fabric underneath the newly padded headboard, and tightly stapled the fabric around the headboard.

At last, my homemade headboard was complete! For several thousand dollars less, I’d say this looks pretty close to its inspiration. My dad was able to attach it to my existing metal bed frame, so it is now securely positioned in my new room. Pictures of my finished room are soon to follow!



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