DIY: Photo Wall

DIY – Project number 1

A recent project of mine was to create an antique, collective photo wall. I’ve collected tons of picture frames over the years and decided to give them a fresh coat of paint to give the collection an eclectic – without – being – overstated feel. Check it out !


My version: 

Step 1: Gather up all my frames from my dorm, my parents’ house, and even a few discarded by friends. The more the merrier! Then I took out all of the glass, matting, and backing to prep for the paint job.

Step 2: Build a lay out. Luckily some of my frames were equal in size, so my display will be relatively symmetrical.

Step 3: Start spray painting! The directions say to hold the can about 10 -15 inches away from the surface. I decided to vary the distance to get a slightly uneven, textured finish.

Step 4: Let dry! these frame are still out in the driveway as we speak.  I can’t wait until they are all done and mounted on the wall in my new room!


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